A selection of my drawings, and other stuff. Scroll down!

1. Sgt Bert and Nurse Elsie, drawn for the Never Such Innocence First World War education pack:

2. Returning to my scribbly drawing roots:

3. Logo for CarrotCreations.co.uk, home of the up and coming game designer and soon-to-be-millionaire that is Philip Morby.

4. Racing Cars, a short stop-motion film that I began when I had more time and never managed to finish. The combination of extremely basic stop-motion software, drawing with a mouse, and no knowledge whatsoever of animation impairs the results a tad. And the bit that's missing is the part with the racing car, so that's not ideal.

The video combines a few hundred frames at about 6fps, making it a pretty painstaking process. The music, by Robin Grey, I found via a Creative Commons search - listen here.

Below are all the drawings I did for the man and his hats.

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