Short Stories

The Beekeeper of Bromley

A story of gardening, peanut butter sandwiches, and the timeless conflict between ignorance and knowledge.

The Mad King of Garnacha – or, What One May Find at the Bottom of a Bottle of Wine

David did not really mean to drink as much wine as he did. However, on waking, he expected his penance to take the form of a skull-splitting headache, not recruitment into the army of a mad king.

Stop the Press

Finalist in the NYC Midnight Short Story Competition, 2011

Leaving a briefcase full of sensitive counter-terrorism documents on a train is not a good career move. Still, it's always possible to make a bad situation worse - especially when there are journalists around.


Smuggling was not Two-Plank's forte, which, for a smuggler, was problematic. After a particularly nasty encounter with a snaggle-toothed garklebeast he was forced to crash land at Limpet air harbour. That was when his troubles really started.

The Dragon

A story I wrote when I was 7. It's about a dragon with a taste for kings.