The Dragon

Once upon a time a monstrous dragon lived all alone in a cave – a very dark cave. He ate six kings for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

One king told a knight to go and fight the dragon.

The dragon said: “I will eat you up!” And he ate the knight up.

The king got more and more worried, but the knight did not come back. Then the king stopped and listened. The dragon was coming. He tried to hide but the dragon ate him up.

Another king said to a knight: “Go and kill the dragon.”

So the knight fought the dragon, but the dragon said “yum yum”. But the knight cut the dragon’s tummy open and killed him.

So all the kings and the knight lived happily ever after.

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  1. This is very good. I recently wrote one (at much older than age 7) titled "The Dragon Who Wanted to be a Pony"